Monday, July 24, 2017


It was Sunday at Citi Field yesterday, so naturally the Mets did not win.

This Sunday Thing the Mets have had is kind of epidemic, and completely baffling and as a result the Mets are, I believe, the only team that has not swept a home series in the Major Leagues this season. Or at least they deserve to be. Once again, the Mets won the first two games of a weekend series, and then came out on Sunday and sleepwalked through the afternoon. Unlike other such weekends where the starting pitcher came out and allowed 6 runs in the 1st inning, the Mets kind of just hung around all afternoon, following a brief rain delay. Rafael Montero had yet another one of his "little victory" outings, in the sense that, yes, he did pitch 7 innings this time. But he still gave up 3 Home Runs, to Khris Davis, Marcus Semien and Matt Chapman, and while they were all solo Home Runs, they were Home Runs nonetheless and as such were enough to beat the Mets on this day.

The Mets, on the other side, did nothing beyond a Michael Conforto Home Run against Daniel Gossett. Somehow, they managed to tie the game in the 6th inning, and for a brief second there, with Montero still humming along, it seemed like maybe the Mets had broken that Sunday Thing. But they went to the well with Montero one too many times, Chapman lofted a fly ball into the seats with 2 outs, and the air went out of the Mets from there. So, instead of perhaps talking about another comeback win, or another walkoff, or, dare I say, a series sweep, we're instead stuck discussing how Rafael Montero's outing was a "little victory."

I talked yesterday about how the Mets biggest problem this season has been their total inconsistency. If that's number 1, I think number 2 has to be the acceptance of the "little victory" as the norm. The 2017 Mets weren't supposed to be gunning for the little victories.

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