Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Eyeroll City

These Mets/Nationals games seem to make me far too aggravated nowadays for me to give any sort of rational exegesis on the game itself. All I know is that the Mets, in particular Steven Matz, played their heart out for most of the night only to once again end up with their jocks in their hands while the Nationals came away with a victory.

The game began at a rather incongruous 6:05 and as such I tuned in about an hour late, but I'd missed nothing as Matz and Stephen Strasburg threw zeroes at each other for most of the night. At some point, I stepped away but returned just in time to see Jerry Blevins give up a 2-run Home Run to Michael Taylor. I figured that was the game right there, but then the Nationals awful bullpen reared its head and gave the Mets a minor window. Still, Matt Albers had 2 outs and 2 strikes on Curtis Granderson, but, undaunted, Granderson hit a 2-run Home Run to tie up the game.

For a few brief, fleeting moments, it seemed like this could be the jolt the Mets needed as they started off their statistical second half of the season, but then the Mets awful bullpen showed that the Nationals aren't the only team with late-game issues. Paul Sewald walked the leadoff hitter, which is like basically saying to the Nationals, "HERE PLEASE HAVE THIS GAME," Josh Edgin walked another and then Ryan Raburn hit a dying quail of a single that Yoenis Cespedes couldn't catch and if that wasn't bad enough probably hurt himself trying to catch, and the Mets lost the game anyway, 3-2. Fuck you, Nationals. Just, fuck you. That's my summation. Fuck you, Nationals.

* * *

On vacation for the next week plus, which will overlap the All Star Break. So let's just assume that the Mets will lose this morning's game, because why the hell would the Mets win a game that starts at 11:05am, but they'll win on Wednesday because deGrom is pitching. Thursday, they're off, so they can lick their wounds and get the Nationals stink off of them. Then, it's a weekend in St. Louis, and I don't think the Cardinals are having a good year for once, so maybe the Mets can take 2 of 3. Or lose 2 of 3. One or the other. Go with that. Happy 4th, stay out of the aisles, and take your hat off.

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