Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lifeless Tuesday

It's been a running theme this season that I keep turning games on late and as such there have been nights where things seem to be decided before I even turn the thing on. Tonight, I turned the game on in the 5th inning, Rafael Montero was on the mound and the Mets were behind 4-0. I gave the proceedings about an inning before I threw in the towel. This was just as well; the Mets managed only 3 hits as Michael Wacha threw a CGShO at them.

On nights such as this, where the Mets just run into a buzzsaw and there's nothing to be done, you try to search for some kind of silver lining. Somehow, the silver lining in this game was the fact that Montero managed to get through 6 innings without either a) getting eaten alive by the opponent or b) throwing 180 pitches and having his arm fall off.

If that's what Mets fans need to rest their heads easy at the end of the day, well, who am I to say otherwise? I can't come up with anything better to think about.

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