Sunday, August 21, 2016

Those Missing Guys

Lost, I suppose, in Friday's quagmire was the return to the lineup of Yoenis Cespedes and AsdrubAl Cabrera. Cespedes, of course, probably should have been on the DL 6 weeks ago but for the Mets insistent crotch-grabbing. Cabrera was last seen awkwardly spiraling his way around 3rd base and I was certain he'd be done for the season, but it seems he fortunately is not.

Whether or not their presence makes a bit of difference from here on out I'm not sure. However, on Saturday afternoon, at least Cespedes proved no worse for wear by hitting a pair of Home Runs, one off of Matt Moore and the other off of hapless, banished-to-the-bullpen veteran Jake Peavy, and in a sudden turn of events, the Mets actually relatively cruised to a 9-5 victory over the Giants in the name of Bartolo Colon.

This was another one of those Saturday games that I didn't see, only that it was just about over as I arrived home after being out all afternoon. So once again, that seems to be the recipe for success with the Mets, since I watched games on Monday and Thursday, and sort of on Wednesday, and at no point did that go well. Of course, I did see part of the game on Tuesday, and they won, so maybe this is just a weekend thing. Or maybe it's just another one of my cockamamie theories that makes no sense.

Regardless, it seems like lately a Mets victory is met with mass rejoicing, because it seems like they've been so few and far between over the past month. One more, and they'd actually be able to leave San Francisco with a split in this series, which seems like a real moral victory. I think. Of course, it's a Sunday Night game, so you'll have to put up with the sideshow and it's debatable as to whether or not you'll actually get to see a game.

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