Friday, August 5, 2016

It's Finally Over

So, finally, the Subway Series nonsense is finally over. Predictably, the Mets split the 4 games with the Yankees, keeping with their recent tradition of total inconsistency. It's only a slight step up from the total mediocrity they have, at times, displayed.

It seems fitting that Bartolo Colon was centrally involved in this win. I don't know why, but it does. Probably because it just seems like he comes through in spots like this. And he did, throwing 6.2 innings, allowing the Yankees very little and becoming the first Pitcher to win a Subway Series game for both sides. So, perhaps, it could be said that when the Subway Series Goblins come to visit, Bartolo is impervious. He just gives it some chewing gum and waves it away.

The Mets offense didn't exactly light Nathan Eovaldi on fire, and I'm not sure why, because Eovaldi has that Marlins pedigree, which means that he has all this ability, and he throws really hard, and everyone talks about how "He's such a goood pitcher!" and yet he's consistently awful. I don't recall when Eovaldi landed with the Yankees, but he's done very little to impress anybody and I believe was only starting because he can and the Yankees needed someone to make the start. Unlike Colon, Eovaldi strikes me as very susceptible to a Subway Series. But the Mets didn't hit him, which bothered me, at least until the 5th, when Kelly Johnson hit the Trademark Yankee Stadium Home Run, a line drive that probably would have been a fly out or, at best, a single at Citi Field that snuck into the 1st row of the Right Field Seats for a Home Run to put the Mets ahead. Two outs and a Subway Series later, it was Jay Bruce connecting for a 3-run Home Run to put the Mets ahead 4-0. This, of course, was Bruce's Official Joe Buck WELCOME TO NEW YORK! moment, and certainly in good timing, being in a close game in the Subway Series and in a 2-out situation. So that probably got everyone feeling better.

But, of course, the most important thing is that the Mets are finally done with this Circus. I know I said it already but it will be good to get back to normal, inobtrusive Baseball. Yes, I know the Mets are playing in an AL park in Detroit this weekend. No, I don't care, because at least it's not the Subway Series.

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