Thursday, August 4, 2016

Giant Puss

I was once again late in putting on the Mets game, which has been a recurring theme most of the season. Tonight, I was so late that by time I'd put the game on, most of the bullshit had already occurred, although I was treated to the cherry on top of this shit stew. Steven Matz had a Subway Series early, the Mets hit into double plays in every inning, Bitch Mark Teixeira petulantly tried to posture and instigate World War III after taking a pitch off his ankle and then tried to pull some Vulcan mind prank on Hansel Robles, and once that happened everything just melted down from there. The day was a total loss on all levels for the Mets as they not only lost 9-4, but lost more players to injuries in the process.

The day started with bad news, which is ominous enough to begin with. Lucas Duda, who at this point has been little more than a rumor, re-injured his back to the point where his season is essentially done. Not that this was much of a surprise, since he'd barely begun starting "Baseball activities." But if Baseball Activities were too much for him, well, why push it. Then, they had to play 9 innings of turd, and then came the news that Yoenis Cespedes was going on the Disabled List with this quad injury that won't go away and the Mets won't allow to heal. This is Cortisone Shot Ramirez's fault, I know it. I'm sure Cespedes has been in need of a DL stay ever since this happened, and maybe if the Mets had done this 3 weeks ago, they would have been able to sidestep this whole "Cespedes tweaked his quad and will miss a few days" masquerade. I'm not at all surprised that this is how it ended up. But of course with all the crotch grabbing they did, they've cost themselves time and time is something the Mets really are beginning to run short of. My patience is another thing they're running short of, but that's another story.

Then, there was a game, and the Mets jumped on Chad Green from the opening gun. Curtis Granderson led off with a Home Run, and the Mets had the bases loaded and no outs, and when they only scored 1 more run, you knew that this was a bad sign. Then, of course, Steven Matz gave the runs right back and then some, allowing 3 in the first, thanks to a long hit from Franch Headley, and then allowed a galling Home Run to Bitch Teixeira and gave him the opportunity to do his drummer boy home run trot.

Then came the whole shit fit he threw in the 5th, when Matz deigned to throw a pitch low and inside, and of course Tex hit the dirt and then did the tough guy "I'M GONNA FIGHT'CHA! I'M GONNA FIGHT'CHA!" thing where he takes a step but doesn't charge the mound, as Matz stared at him with a look on his face that said something like "Yo, seriously, b? That hit you on the shoelaces." Pretty sure that if Matz really wanted to hit him, he wouldn't have hit him in the feet. And if he hit him in the ribs, well, Tex usually deserves it. Both for behaving like a little bitch on this night, and for behaving like a little bitch for his entire career. Tex then was forced out at 2nd on the next play, and once again did the tough guy thing and tried to take out Neil Walker, but he missed.

Tex further made spectacle of himself by pulling some more Little League shit and yelling "PITCHER'S GOT A BIG BUTT" at Hansel Robles in the 7th inning, and although I don't like that Robles essentially came unglued because of it, part of me really wanted to see Robles turn around and just peg the ball at him, or maybe cap him in the teeth as he was removed from the game. I know Robles is just unpredictable enough to make it happen, and honestly, after the way things have unfolded to this point this season, the ensuing brawl might have been enough to wake the team up, and the suspension Robles would certainly incur would totally have been worth it just to see that smug sack of shit take one in the puss.

But, that didn't happen. The Mets took the "high road," and of course look what happened. They looked like jackasses against the Yankees once again, they lost another key player to injury, and everything is, once again, horrible. Fortunately, there's only one more Subway Series game to be played and then we can be done with this nonsense until next season. Can't. Wait.

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