Monday, August 15, 2016

Its The Matz!

Apparently, what I need to do is be out of the house and out somewhere in order to ensure that the Mets will do well. Saturday, I was out on a day trip to Orient, NY. Granted, I was in transit home while the game was going on but the Mets won. Sunday, I was out of New York state altogether, having traveled with my other half out to somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania, to a place where we stopped for lunch in an establishment where the Phillies game was on multiple televisions, and in the meantime, the Mets played a game at rumor level for me and once again won, as Steven Matz took a no-hit bid into the 8th inning and the Mets offense did ostensibly the minimum necessary. The Mets 5-1 win marked the first time they'd won two games in a row in over a month.

Once again, I had no clue anything noteworthy was going on in the game until I got a buzz on my phone saying something to the effect of "METS: Steven Matz has a No-Hitter through 6 innings." Now, we've been through enough of these to take 6 innings with a grain of salt, and perhaps ever since June 1, 2012 there's been much less trepidation associated with such a notification. I figured if Matz got through 7 innings, then I might have to start following things on my phone.

Shortly thereafter, I got the alert that Matz had made it through 7 innings unscathed. At this point, No Hitter or not, he'd put forth his second really good start in a row, which is good to see given how his season has kind of unraveled. At the end of May, I'd figured Matz was right on the verge of being a lock for Rookie of the Year. This probably won't happen now, but 10+ wins and an ERA under 3.5 certainly is possible, which is perfectly respectable. So even though Matz gave up a hit to Alexei Ramirez with 1 out in the 8th to spoil the No-hit bid and finish Matz's afternoon (and relax Terry Collins' nerves), I'm still satisfied with the result.

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