Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unexciting Excitement

A lifeless 6-1 Met loss to the Beautiful Barves was followed with the news that the Mets had called up Dilson Herrera to replace the disabled Daniel Murphy. The general consensus, or at least my general consensus is, well, why not? Nothing else has sparked the Mets offense on a consistent basis. The 20-year old Herrera to this point has had a very under-the-radar great season between A and AA ball. He may be known to most as "the other guy" the Mets got from Pittsburgh in the Marlon Byrd trade last season, and he may be completely in over his head making the jump from Binghamton to New York, but there's no particularly good reason for the Mets to not call him up. Wilmer Flores hasn't hit with any real consistency, Ruben Tejada is what we thought he was and David Wright is lost in the Keith Hernandez Dark Forest and battling through an injury that needs a good offseason's rest. So, why not Herrera now? See what he can do.

The news on Herrera is a good distraction to make everyone forget about the shit show that was tonight's game. Jon Niese had a good game that ended up being yet another good bad game thanks to some wind-aided extra base hits in the 8th inning, and after he departed, the bullpen did their part to ensure that the Mets would have no opportunity to come back or even attempt to face Craig Kimbrel. Daisuke Matsuzaka returned from the DL and promptly surrendered a monstrous Home Run to Ryan Donuts and that was pretty much the end of that.

The Mets are now done with the Barves in Citi Field for the season, and so they depart and the Phillies come in for their final visit of the season this weekend. I'm away visiting my Cleveland relatives so the weekend series may be glossed over entirely from where I'm sitting. The Indians are also out of town, so I won't even have a chance to see a game at Jacobs Field. This looks to be a rather sparse weekend from a Baseball standpoint, although I'm sure I'll get Dilson Herrera updates from someplace. 

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