Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick Out

If you blinked, you missed Friday night's Mets/Giants game, and if you blinked and missed it, you didn't miss much on the good side. Jon Niese got submarined by some bad fielding—which included his own bad fielding—while the Mets did nothing, quite literally, against reclamation project Ryan Vogelsong. Vogelsong took a no hitter into the 6th before Juan Lagares broke that up, and had a shutout into the 8th until he allowed Lucas Duda's daily Home Run. Those two blemishes seems to bother Vogelsong little, as he ended up completing the game, a 2 hit, 1 run effort accomplished in all of 2 hours and 6 minutes and resulted in a 5-1 Giants victory.

This game was quick, in fact it was so quick that I almost slept through the game in its entirety. I had come home in the middle of the afternoon, put the radio on and immediately taken a nap, and by time I woke up, I'd realized that I had fallen asleep with WFAN on, which is a station that does not carry the Mets any longer, and so when I woke up, at around 7pm, I realized I was listening to some voices I'd rather not be listening to on the broadcast for another team, so I clicked over to WOR and found the right voices—Howie Rose and Josh Lewin—and promptly fell back to sleep. By time I woke up, it was only 7:45, but the game was already in the 4th inning, and so I woke up and went in the other room to watch the game on TV. By this point, Jon Niese had already dug himself a hole, and when, a short time later, he dug a deeper hole in the 7th inning, I kind of lost interest and went to make dinner. So I have some vague memory of Lucas Duda hitting a Home Run, and I was eating dinner when Vogelsong finished off the game, and at that point I figured it just as well to go back to the radio, and listen to whoever the guy is that does the postgame show now. By this point, it was barely 9:30, so I still had a full evening ahead of me to do other things like clean the apartment and straighten things up and forget about this game, because there's not much about it worth remembering.

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