Monday, August 4, 2014

Sweaty Guys

It's inevitable that every once in a while Bartolo Colon has one of his fat, sweaty starts where he looks terrible but unfortunately it happened to be on Sunday afternoon, in front of a packed house that seemed mostly full of the Finnerty's Giants fan crowd as opposed to people cheering him on. Or maybe it just seemed that way because the Giants laid the hammer on the Mets, belting 4 Home Runs, two by target-of-ire Hunter Pence, and on the other side of things, Madison Bumgarner stepped on the Mets throats to the tune of a 2-hit shutout as the Giants walked away with a 9-0 victory that made me want to shut the game off after 5 innings.

Not much to say about this game other than it was one of those days you just want to flush down the proverbial toilet of bad Baseball games and I'm really glad I only watched it on TV instead of witnessing it in person. I attended a couple of Mets/Giants games late last season and while there were plenty of San Franciscans that had invaded Citi Field (if you recall, the Giants played the Mets and then the Yankees in the same week and many fans made the trip and made a vacation of it), and the majority of them are lovely people and 49ers fans, but band too many of them together, like the Finnerty's crowd that seems to buy up entire sections in the outfield, and it can get a little overbearing. I would imagine that The 7 Line Army can grate on opposing teams when they travel en masse, but they're on my side so I can play double standards like that. Today seems like one of those days where the Finnerty's crew might have gotten on my nerves. Friday was probably like that as well. In fact, any time the Mets and Giants play, and they get really loud in the 9th inning, it's bothersome, but such is the peril of a free market for Baseball tickets.

Now, just when you thought you were rid of the Giants and their fans, you're not, because this is one of those weird wraparound series that ends on Monday instead of Sunday. I fell for this little trick when I bought my plan for this season and excitedly got tickets for the Monday game against the Giants, but I was tricked. The time of the game wasn't listed at purchase time, and only later did I find out that it was a 12:10pm game, meaning I'd be working and unable to go. Fortunately, I dumped the tickets on StubHub and someone bought them, so I'm not stuck with seats I can't use. Someone else can go instead and have a good time, and hopefully see the Mets win and quiet down the opposing fans.

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