Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not Awake Just Yet

Twice in the span of three weeks, the Mets suckered me into getting tickets for Monday wraparound games by sending me a preliminary schedule that didn't list the times of any of the games. You can imagine my surprise when I found I'd purchased tickets for a pair of games that began on Monday at 12:10pm, a time that generally falls when I'm at work and not available to go to a Baseball game, as opposed to when I thought the game would be starting, 7:10pm, a time when I'm generally quite available for Baseball.

Yesterday afternoon was the second of those two games. I probably shouldn't be griping too much when I was able to sell (at a loss) my tickets for both of the games. Besides, the game two weeks ago was pretty bad and from what I was able to ascertain from the recap and final score, yesterday's game was probably as bad, if not worse.

I said yesterday that the results of the game would determine whether or not I would see the replay in the evening and I think you can safely assume that I didn't waste my time watching the replay. Therefore I have no idea what happened in the game, which I guess is just as well. I got an alert on my phone at some point in the morning that Bartolo Colon was scratched due to a family matter, and I assumed, correctly, that Carlos Torres would take the start. Torres has been an adequately dependable swing man for the Mets these past few seasons, he won't blow anyone away but he also won't kill you. That pretty much sums Torres up. A Major League pitcher who pitches reasonably well. For 5 innings, that's what he did.

Then, Torres left the game and the rest of the affair happened. Hefty lefty Dana Eveland gave up a run and I believe Buddy Carlisle was somehow negatively involved. Ratso Rizzo hit a Home Run, Joe Buck hit a Home Run and by time the dust cleared, the Mets were on a bus to Miami, half asleep, not really sure what's happened to them.

Now, the high pleasure of a cross-country trip to play an excessively late night game in Oakland, followed by a weekend in Los Angeles, where things go wonderfully for the Mets. This should be a week of Major League Baseball to behold.

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