Thursday, June 26, 2014

Other Things To Do

I tend not to make much mention around here about my life outside of the Mets, because a) It's not especially interesting to an audience like this and b) Who cares. But it's worth mentioning that in 10 days, the woman I often refer to as my other half will officially become Mrs. Mets2Moon, an occasion that is certainly cause for great personal joy. 

I bring this up for a variety of reasons, the largest of them being that much of our evenings of late have been spent making preparations for the event that's going to be pre-empting Cereal Bowl Day at Citi Field, and as such, I don't pay as much attention to games as I might were things a little less hectic at the moment. 

What I've missed, clearly, hasn't been much noteworthy. Tonight's game in Pittsburgh featured very little in the way of action on the part of the Mets, which has been an unfortunate common theme of late, except for a pair of anomalies earlier in the week where their batters decided it would be nice if they hit the ball. After scoring 21 runs in 2 games, the Mets scored 5 runs last night after the game was well out of reach, so let's just say they scored 0 tangible runs, and tonight, they scored 2 runs, and that at least kept the game within a 3-Run Home Run's reach of being tied. Last night, Lucas Duda hit a 3-run Home Run with the Mets behind 8-0. Had he saved such a thing for the late innings tonight, the game might have ended differently. Sadly, Duda appeared to have mixed up his Solo Home run situation with his 3-Run Home Run situation, and therefore the solo Home Run he hit—to the opposite field no less—in the 4th inning merely meant that they lost to the Pirates 5-2 instead of 5-1

Daisuke Matsuzaka, who continues to make starts at the Major League level, had another start this evening and pitched a majority of the game for the Mets, but at some point where I wasn't paying much attention he gave up several runs, most of them at the hand of the Pirates' hotshot Rookie Gregory Polanco, whom I at some point confused with Gregor Blanco and after a few minutes of being incensed that Matsuzaka was getting burned by a slop-hitting journeyman, I realized that he was getting burned by the flavor of the Month. That's not to say that it makes this loss feel less bad. The Mets are always getting burned by someone of late, it seems. Every day it's someone else. That's why it's easy to stop paying attention and work on other things.

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