Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh Me

It was a sleepy game at Citi Field on Wednesday night, at least in the sense that the Mets looked rather sleepy during the course of the game. The Brewers looked kind of sleepy too, and the end result was a 3-1 game that wasn't quite as close as the final score may have indicated, or maybe it was. I'm not quite sure.

It was the kind of game that I had on TV simply because it was on TV. I can't say I paid great attention to what was going on. I was out late at a meeting of the minds or whatever the kids call it these days and by time I arrived home, all the runs that were going to be scored in the game had scored, so I was left to watch the Mets stand around and not do very much.

Wily Peralta kept the Mets mostly in check, which meant that once again, Jacob deGrom pitched a reasonably good game and managed to get hung with a loss, putting him at 0-3 for his career thus far. That deGrom is 0-3 and feels like 0-6 is a good indicator of how little a pitcher's won-lost record can indicate performance. In some cases, yes, it can, but deGrom is not one of those cases. In his case, he's 0-3 primarily because he's had, I believe, about 6 runs scored for him in his 6 starts thus far. deGrom's pitched rather well, but in some particular bad luck. Tonight was a pretty good example of that. He threw a lot of pitches over his 5.2 innings and did give up 9 hits, but only single runs in the 3rd, 4th and 5th innings, which meant that he minimized the damage against him. Of course, when your offense can only muster 5 hits for the game, 3 runs is a lot of damage.

So, not quite as interesting as Tuesday night's game. In my meeting, a colleague suggested to me that they would "rather be at a Mets game," in jockular fashion since that person happens to not be a sports fan of any kind. I said I agreed. But given the outcome, I think I'm glad I had a meeting tonight and tickets to the game last night.

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