Friday, June 6, 2014


The Mets, who at times give the appearance that they are a Major League Baseball team, often have the annoying habit of not performing like one, and as such they have these, let's call them "tics" in their season, where they do things like play a number of stupefyingly stupid games in a row and end up getting swept by a team like the Cubs, who haven't swept a team all season. Their series in Chicago this week was, at best, embarrassing and in reality a complete and total debacle that I can't even be bothered to use the English Language to title this post. Were I Mike Francesa or someone of his ilk, the phrase I might be coerced to use would be the ever popular "NNNNNEY STINK!"

You knew the Mets were doomed on this night once Jacob deGrom gave up a Home Run to the opposing pitcher, Travis Wood. I know Wood is a fine hitter as pitchers go, so it's not so much of a stretch, but giving up a Home Run to the opposing pitcher is still giving up a Home Run to the opposing pitcher and it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. The fact that it came directly after Rick Renteria challenged a close play at Home Plate and had it overturned in his favor, thereby turning a 0-run inning into a 3-run inning kind of sealed the entire fate right there.

Even after the Mets came back, thanks to some rare clutch hitting by Ruben Tejada and Andrew Brown. Brown's Home Run off Mother Grimm in the 7th inning was his first since his lightning-like Home Run in the 1st inning on Opening Day. However, in between then, Andrew Brown did very little of consequence at the Major League level. He did hit 13 Home Runs in AAA ball, but that doesn't do anybody any good here. Nonetheless, his 2nd Major League Home Run of the season did tie the game and set the stage for Vic Black to turn around and hand the game right back to the Cubs in the bottom of the 7th, courtesy of a bomb of a Home Run by Anthony Rizzo. You could see that one coming. And just to make sure, the Cubs tacked on two more runs in the 8th thanks to a Junior Lake triple, so instead of losing by a frustrating 1 run, the Mets lost by a frustrating 3 runs as the Cubs completed their sweep.

So the Mets go from winning 4 of 5 in Philadelphia and looking really good in doing so to getting swept by a team that hadn't won 3 games in a row all season and looking completely clueless. This sets the stage for a little trip out to San Francisco, where they'll have the high pleasure of playing the Giants, who right now boast the best record in Baseball, perhaps recapturing the form that has seen them win two of the last four World Series Championships. This should be a real barrel of laughs.

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