Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Back In The Tank

It was, I suppose, to be expected that the Mets would have some kind of a letdown after their very long weekend putzing around in Philadelphia. But by all rights, they should have figured out a way to beat the Cubs last night. Zack Wheeler continued his recent hot streak, pretty much dominating the Cubs into the 7th inning. Meanwhile, Jake Arrieta did just about everything he could to hand the Mets runs, but for some reason, the Mets weren't taking the bait. Daniel Murphy has turned back into the Daniel Murphy that hits .248, David Wright is only drawing walks and nobody can get that hit to drive in a run.

So, after Curtis Granderson hit a 1st inning Sacrifice Fly, the Mets went in the tank, allowing Arrieta to continuously get off the hook, and after him Kurt Schwitters, Jeff Russell, Jeff Brantley and whoever else the Cubs trotted out there continued to let Mets get on base for the express purpose of standing there while someone popped out or struck out.

This was all more or less biding time before one of the Mets pitchers managed to screw up, and tonight Josh Edgin was the culprit. After taking over for Wheeler in the 7th, Edgin came out for the 8th inning with one job at hand: Get the left-handed batting Chris Coghlan out. So, what does he do? He gives up a Home Run to Chris Coghlan, on a night when the Wrigley Field wind dictated that nobody was going to hit many Home Runs. Lead gone, Wheeler win gone.

One inning later, Scott Rice was aided and abetted by David Wright in allowing the Cubs to score the winning run, as Wright bobbled what would likely have been a Double Play ball hit by Starlin Castro. Instead of turning two, Wright could only throw to 1st, while Anthony Rizzo moved into scoring position and subsequently scored when Nate Schierholtz, another left-handed batter, scalded a double into the Right Field corner.

On the one hand, I suppose we should consider ourselves fortunate that Schierholtz and Rice conspired to end things right there in the 9th instead of playing 11 innings or 14 innings or however many innings the Mets have a habit of playing these days. On the other hand, it's the Cubs. The Mets should be able to beat the Cubs. Get your shit together.

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