Friday, August 2, 2013

That Stupid Team

I know there's a thing about every great pitcher having one team that always gives him fits, and unfortunately for Matt Harvey, it's the Mickey Mouse Marlins.

Thursday's game was another Radio special for me, so I wasn't fully cognizant of what was going on (case in point: I was asked multiple times what the score was, and after answering 0-0 a couple of times reflexively, I had to pause for a second, pensively, before saying, as matter of factly as I could, "I don't know."

At that point, I didn't. But it was still 0-0, and the game was dragging along, as these weekday afternoon games usually do, because when the Marlins finally broke through against Harvey, I was convinced it was the 7th inning and not the 6th. The Mets were doing their usual "no runs for Harvey" act, and Harvey was pitching the way he usually pitches, until he got himself into a jam in the 6th and, at least as far as Howie and Josh would lead me to believe, just expended too much mental energy striking out Giancarlo Stanton and eventually, the Marlins just sort of vultured him to death. I couldn't be bothered to watch any replays, but it seems to me that a flare hit, a hit batsman and another flare hit led to 3 runs and that sort of took the air out of everything. The Mets couldn't hit Tom Koehler or anyone else the Marlins plopped out there and the end result was that the Mets lost and ended up 2-2 in what is fortunately their final series in Miami this season.

It's the 3rd such start that Harvey has made against the Marlins where they've just sort of nicked and pecked him to death this season, and I'm sure he's had more than enough of it. I'm sick of it, but then again, I'm sick of anything that has anything to do with the Marlins. Of course it's the Marlins. They're the team that seems to just bedevil the Mets the most, even when their leadoff hitter is the President of San Marcos.

I have nothing else to say. I'm thoroughly exasperated. At least the Mets don't have to go back to Miami this season. They went 3-7 this season in the Aquarium of Horrors, but it felt like 1-13. I wish that place would just sink into the ground.

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