Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Of Them Nights

Logic, I suppose, would dictate that there was no way in hell the Mets were going to go into Miami and sweep a 4 game series from the Marlins, no matter how well the Mets are playing, or how bad the Marlins have looked at times. Somehow, the Marlins would find a way to win, and that win would happen to come last night.

It wasn't so much that Jenrry Mejia pitched poorly. Really, all Mejia did wrong was hang a pitch to Leonard Zelig, yak on a grounder by the opposing pitcher followed by a double from Fielding Mellish followed by two fly balls. But, some nights, that seems to be all it takes to sink you. He didn't have a bad game, at least as far as I'm concerned. But he wasn't as spectacularly effective as he was in Washington last weekend, and he also didn't have the backing of an 11-run explosion from his offense. Instead, the Mets had one of those nights where they get guys on base all night long, and then hit into 6 Double Plays, thus submarining any particular chance they had for a rally.

What bothers me about this game is I could see it coming. I could see all those Double Plays happening before they happened. I don't know if it was just something about Henderson Alvarez, because he just looks like he's one of those pitchers that's going to give the Mets fits for years. I don't know if it was because I thought Josh Satin had already pinch-hit twice before he actually pinch hit, or if it's just because I think I've seen a little too much of Omar Quintanilla to feel comfortable with him anymore, but I knew what was coming. Mejia takes too long to lay down the bunt, Double Play. Omar Quintanilla when the Mets need a baserunner, Double Play. Ike Davis, infield hit? Double Play. And so it went all night long. Even when the Mets rallied, it felt like pulling teeth.

Hopefully, this is just a one-night thing for the Double Play Brigade. The Mets have managed to avoid things like that for the most part this year. Harvey this afternoon.

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