Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Et Tu, Harvey?!

Seems I was wrong. Even Matt Harvey is not immune to the Mojo of The Hot Team.

That's not to say he was totally raked by the Dodgers, but in a game that felt eerily similar to the one that preceded it on Monday night, the Dodgers just sort of pecked and clawed at him like a vulture until they finally drew blood in the 5th inning.

Harvey wasn't at his sharpest last night, and even the best pitchers have bad games like this, but the fact that Harvey managed to keep the Dodgers at bay as long as he did when he didn't have his best stuff was a testament to his guts. They were nicking him every inning, but early on, Harvey managed to get that key Double Play ball when he needed it. Until the 5th inning, when that luck ran out and the Dodgers broke through for a pair of runs to turn the game in their favor. Relentless, the Dodgers went back out and scored 2 more in the 6th, making the remainder of the game more or less academic. Harvey seethed and fumed on the mound and although I didn't hear his comments after the game, I'm sure it was a lot of subtextual jargon masking what would likely have been the kind of expletive-laden diatribe that's generally reserved for people like Tommy Lasorda.

That said, the Mets certainly had their chances offensively, but, you know. The Mets managed little more than a bunch of singles after Juan Lagares' first inning Home Run, and when a single would have been useful, they didn't get one.

I suppose, given that the Mets are going up against The Hot Team, they'd be lucky to come away from this series with 1 out of 3. I'm dubious as to whether they can overcome the voodoo right now, so I feel like they might be better off just punting tonight, licking their wounds and getting the hell out of LA as quickly as possible. Not that San Diego has been a pleasure palace for the Mets, but it's clear that the best the Mets have been able to do is just slow the Dodgers down for a few innings before they strike. Maybe if it's a blowout, I can go to sleep instead of staying up until 1am waiting for a Godot-like clutch hit.

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