Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, when in doubt, just give the ball to Mike Pelfrey, let him throw 7-8 innings, give up 1-2 runs and just hope the offense can back him up. More often than not, this strategy seems to work for the Mets, primarily because Pelfrey has been equal to the task just about every time it's been asked of him.

Last night's game in San Diego was no different. With the Mets screaming, and I mean absolutely screaming for a road victory to stop this insanity, Pelfrey went out, licked his hands, and threw his 8 innings, and the Mets bats gave him a small smattering of runs to stick in his pocket while he did it.

It's enough to make you jump for joy, watching Pelfrey pitch, because right now he's not just looking like the best pitcher on the staff, which is what we were tantalized into thinking he would be, but he's even looking like one of the top pitchers in the league right now. But more than that, Pelfrey has been a stabilizing force in the rotation. Never mind how he's been the anti-Maine or Perez or whoever else has been awful, but he came in when the Mets needed him to throw a lot of innings and keep the game manageable, and that's exactly what he did. No need for Elmer Dessens or Igarashi, or Feliciano, or Nieve, or whatever else the Mets would slop out there to get to K-Rod, Pelfrey's actions basically said, "Sit down, you clowns. I'm doing this myself."

I'm waiting for him to start finishing off some of these games, though. I think they'll come before too long.

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