Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cleveland Rocks!

...or, at least, the Mets are rocking in Cleveland.

People in my office have been saying things to me like, "Hey, the Mets are looking good," or "Boy, break up those Mets," and I sort of have to go along with it. Strange as it may sound, the Mets are hot, and they're fun again. Even though I haven't been able to follow any of the games due to my usual summer nonsense, I know what's going on, and I'm enjoying it.

This is what the game generally looks like for me: I am in almost constant contact with a friend who will send me updates via Blackberry Messenger. Usually, I'm sitting in a workshop, taking notes on a speaker or an improv or whatnot. Sometimes, I will steal away for one reason or another, and I'll slip into my office and put Gamecast up on my computer. By time this came around, the Mets were already up 3-0. We take a break, and it's usually the 3rd or 4th inning, and I've got some time to sit back and actually see things unfold for a bit. Then, it's back in for more whatever, and more BBMs, and maybe another opportunity to catch a snippet on Gamecast. If it's tight, I will slip my phone into my shirt pocket and throw the paltry mobile gamecast on there. And if I ever need to know what's going on, I just glance at my shirt. We finish at 10, usually around the time the game ends. But, fear not, I've been keeping track the whole way through. Maybe I'm not super well-informed, but at least I know the haps. And last night's haps were pretty happening.

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