Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cleveland Clinic

It was a bit of a clinic the Mets put on last night, even if it was only isolated to a 5th inning that saw them erase an early deficit and take a lead over the hapless Indians. But after falling behind 4-1, the Mets basically nagged the Indians to death with a few singles, Jose Reyes, some smart baserunning and a haymaker from Ike Davis. Suddenly, what was looking like an embarrassing loss turned into a slick comeback victory against a team they should beat.

As usual, I don't get to see much, or any of these games (not having cable notwithstanding, I'm now entrenched in my Summer Theatrics), so I'm relying on the benevolence of my friend to text me updates, or those brief moments where I can slip out and click on Gamecast. But after so many years of doing this, I've become used to following the Mets this way. I can always come home and see the highlights online afterward.

The season is starting to become fun. All of a sudden, the Mets are creeping back up on 1st place and building a steady margin over the .500 mark. It was a surprise to me last week to hear that the Mets were 6 games over .500. But they're playing well and winning the games they're supposed to be winning. In spite of their issues, this is becoming a very cohesive team that plays for each other and, amazingly enough, is fun to watch (or listen or grok, in my case).

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