Sunday, June 28, 2009

Funny Guys

The only enjoyment last night's game seems to have provided is a bunch of really ridiculous looking photographs of the Yankees making merry all over our back yard. It's kind of sickening, really.

There's not much to laugh about as far as the Mets are concerned. Sometime around the 6th inning, when it was apparent that Tim Redding's magic had run out on him and the Mets offense had no prayer of putting together anything resembling a rally, a brief part of me started to root for A.J. Burnett to go ahead and throw a no-hitter. Yes, it would have caused me no end of grief from no end of Yankee fan friends and co-workers I have, and most of my Mets fan compadres would have had to suck it up but good. But in reality, it would have served the Mets right.

We can make all we want about how we've kept it close and kept it respectable, but right now, this is not a good team. In fact, I have a hard time even calling this a viable team. The Mets are playing without 3 of the 4 players counted on to shoulder the load, guys who missed about 10 games between them for all of last season. Of the 8 position players in the Mets lineup last night, only 4 were in the Opening Day lineup, one is at a different position, another is in a platoon, a third has been inconsistent and the other one is David Wright, an island unto himself in this heap of dreck. Jerry Manuel finally, in his own way, seemed to pop off after the game about how the Mets need some help and Omar has to do something. Something! You want to not be reactionary and you want to not tread water, but this is an emergency situation. I'm not sure what it takes to get a reaction. Almost getting no-hit by your closest geographic rival was a start. Staring down getting swept by them, and losing to a pitcher with an 0-6 record an an ERA over 11 would be another. Those 3 games in Philadaelphia aren't looking too happy right now either.

You have to laugh at the ridiculous pictures of the Yankees. It's the only thing right now that keeps you from screaming.

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