Friday, February 27, 2009

The All-Ballclub Team, 2009 Edition

It's time once again to dust off the record books and name the All-Ballclub team for 2009. Each of the past two years, we've named a team of 40 players that we feel best represent The Ballclub, and the kind of Ballplayers we stand for. As always, the disclaimer is that it's not the 40 players we feel are the best in Baseball. Lists like that are boring (and besides that, they're facist). Some of them may not necessarily be good Ballplayers in general. But they have a necessary mix of talent, style, substance, swagger, heart and other intangibles, plus a certain Joie de Vivre for the game that makes them stand out to me, thus, they are worthy of the All-Ballclub Team.
For 2008, the Most Ballclub Player was Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. The Most Ballclub Pitcher was, quite obviously, Johan Santana.

Here, I present the 2009 All-Ballclub Team, in alphabetical order:
  1. Mike Aviles*
  2. Carlos Beltran***
  3. Endy Chavez***
  4. Joba Chamberlain**
  5. Carl Crawford**
  6. John Danks*
  7. Jermaine Dye***
  8. Yunel Escobar**
  9. Matt Garza*
  10. Curtis Granderson**
  11. Ken Griffey, Jr.**
  12. Cole Hamels**
  13. Josh Hamilton**
  14. Matt Holliday**
  15. Ryan Howard***
  16. Torii Hunter***
  17. Clayton Kershaw*
  18. Tim Lincecum**
  19. Francisco Liriano***
  20. John Maine**
  21. Nick Markakis**
  22. Joe Mauer***
  23. David Ortiz***
  24. Jonathan Papelbon***
  25. Hunter Pence**
  26. Mike Pelfrey*
  27. David Price*
  28. Alexei Ramirez*
  29. Hanley Ramirez**
  30. Jose Reyes***
  31. Mariano Rivera***
  32. C.C. Sabathia***
  33. Jeff Samardzija*
  34. Johan Santana***
  35. Alfonso Soriano***
  36. Denard Span*
  37. Ian Stewart*
  38. Ichiro Suzuki***
  39. David Wright***
  40. Kevin Youkilis*
    Emeritus in Moustachness: Sal Fasano.
Note: Stars indicate the number of times this player has been named to the All-Ballclub Team.

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