Thursday, August 28, 2008

Short Term Memory Loss

My 96-year old grandmother has dementia. It's not especially funny when you think about it. Her short term memory is pretty much non-existent. She'll recognize people, like my father or my Aunts. However, the last time I saw her, she looked at me funny and asked if I was another son she had forgotten about. My father had to jog her memory.

I wonder if the Mets behave in a similar fashion.

Once again, the Mets somehow managed to come back from what's supposed to be a monumental, crushing, psychologically scarring defeat and win the next day as if they've completely forgotten that such a thing had ever happened to them. The clutch hitting and solid pitching returned and the Mets turned right around and erased an early 3-1 deficit.

At the center of the action was, once again, Carlos Delgado. After being given up for dead two months into the season, Delgado has resurrected his season and his career. It's pretty easy to see where the Mets turned their season around, and it happens to be around the same time that Delgado started hitting again. the obvious springboard would have been the 9-RBI game against the Yankees, and since then, Delgado has 58 RBIs in his last 56 games. Before the season, I would have considered the Mets fortunate to get 30 HRs and 90 RBIs for the season. Delgado's already reached those numbers with a month to go. It's like another person. This turnaround for Delgado has been so dramatic and has elevated the team so many times that all of a sudden, Delgado's become a dark horse candidate for the MVP.

Who the hell would have thought that on June 15th?

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