Friday, August 8, 2008

Bailing Out The Bullpen

So, it's come to this. The Mets have now been turned into a team that will only win if someone can come up with a big hit to bail out the bullpen. Either that or the team scores 12 runs, but something tells me that's not happening too often.

The whole Closer-By-Committee thing was pretty bad in the first place, but after 3 games of having it in action, it's pretty clear how ridiculous and potentially embarrassing it really is. Tuesday, Aaron Heilman couldn't do it, but Scott Schoeneweis yanked his ass out of the fire. Wednesday, the Mets apparently did their bullpen a favor by not scoring enough runs to create a save situation (although Eddie Kunz allowed his 1st HR as a pro, thereby making a daunting 1-run deficit an insurmountable 2-run deficit). Yesterday, it was Tuesday in reverse. Schoeneweis came in and got one of the three necessary outs before Dirty Carrots Gerut struck. So, Heilman came in to clean up the mess. But, miracle of miracles, the game was only tied, and so when David Wright came up and hit his first-ever Walk-Off HR, he not only won a game that the Mets once again tried their damnedest to lose, he also saved his bullpen from another day of getting ripped a new asshole.

But let's be honest. The boxscore says that the winning pitcher was Aaron Heilman. But I think David Wright should get the win for yesterday's game. Aaron Heilman didn't do anything particularly special other than his job for two batters. Why should he be the one rewarded with a win? I say give the win to Wright. He's the one who actually stepped up and did something, getting what is, for the Mets, an ultra-rare clutch, run-scoring, 2-out hit.

I'm sure Red Foley, wherever he is, would agree with me.

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