Monday, August 11, 2008


Well, the Mets do it again.

With the Pirates in town, the Mets kick off this fly-by-nite game by looking like the team they should be and ended it by looking like the team they are. Sure, the scrutiny for this vomit job will fall on the shoulders of Sanchez, Heilman and Schmegeggie or whoever the hell else was out there, but while we're at it, let's give a little credit as well to David Wright, who came up big early and small late, Fernando Tatis, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado for failing to put this game out of reach when they had the chance to, and allowing the lousy Pirates to stick around and stick around and come back and win a game that the Mets should have, by all rights, scored 15 runs and just buried the suckers.

Instead, we're the suckers, because we continue to believe the charade.

The fans will vent, and, again, they'll blame the bullpen, and they're not wrong. But the problems are greater than that. They don't get hits when they need to, the Manager plays everything too close to the vest, and there's no killer instinct. Sometimes, you go in and play a team and you bow down, sort of like what the Angels did to the Yankees over the weekend. Not the Mets. Every team comes to play against the Mets. There's no killer instinct. Everyone knows that the Mets will get lazy and give games away. They should have pummeled Florida last weekend, but no. They barely won Saturday and got hammered Sunday because of stupid moves and stupid play. And they spit it up again today. It's disgusting. I'm about to go on a Chris Russo-level rampage. This team can't beat the teams they're supposed to beat. They play down to the level of every stupid team. Now, they get 7 games against Washington and Pittsburgh. A good team would go 6-1. The Mets, if everything they display holds true, stand a very good chance of going 1-6! WHY WASTE OUR TIME! EVERY SINGLE YEAR I GET MYSELF JUICED UP FOR THIS STUPID TEAM AND THEY SPIT IT UP EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

Excuse me, I have to go slam my head into my desk a few more times.

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