Monday, August 4, 2008


With my show having opened this weekend, my weekend was, predictably, tied up and I didn't get to see much. That being said, I see I missed absolutely nothing, short of the Mets flipping the calendar and instead of flipping to August, they flipped to June. The problems that plagued the Mets throughout the early period of this season seem to have returned en masse. The situational hitting vanished, the bullpen repeatedly shit the bed, and Ho-Jo stood there in his sunglasses and looked sharp.

San Diego is coming in this week, featuring the same pu-pu platter of pitchers that the Mets were unable to beat earlier this season. I'll be in attendance on Wednesday night. This series ought to be a good barometer of just how far, if at all, the Mets have come.

I'd write more, but, in all honesty, I'm dead ass tired and in need of a nap, and besides, haven't I made enough snide remarks and stabbing jokes at the Mets expense for one season?

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