Friday, July 25, 2008

What The Deuce?!

I'm not quite sure how the hell this team is in First Place, but somehow, they're in First Place.

They're in First Place because after vomiting up a game in perhaps the most excruciating way possible on Tuesday night, the Mets managed to come back and play as if it had never happened the next two days, knocking around the Phillies the same way the Phillies did it to them last season, pushing them around and eventually shoving them off the field.

They're in First Place because guys who had spent the first three months of this season in a fog, like Carlos Delgado, or in limbo, like Oliver Perez, or in obscurity, like Robinson Cancel, have all of a sudden come around and began playing the way they're supposed to play.

They're in First Place because after muddling through stretches where they were unable to perform in any manner resembling a winning baseball team, playing over their heads and under their expectations, they've suddenly managed to pull it all together, coming back from a large deficit and winning games until they were finally able to put themselves back where we thought they'd be: At the top of the Division.

They've come this far. Now, they've got to stay there.

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