Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't be Fooled

Last night's victory wasn't anything for the Mets to write home about. For about 4 innings they looked rather good in spite of themselves and then reverted to their usual offensive power outage against a bullpen to rival in quality the 2007 Cincinnati Reds.

John Maine continued what has been a rather disturbing trend of throwing too many pitches and had himself gassed after 5 innings. There are 8-2 victories that look outstanding on all fronts, and then there are 8-2 victories like the Mets just had, where you're wondering why they didn't win 13-2 and why they had to use 4 pitchers to get through the game.

When you are playing a team, a real quality team like the Mariners (my pick to win the AL West!), it's important that you put your best foot forward, and, for the most part, the Mets didn't do that this week. They looked tired on Monday, patently awful on Tuesday, and I guess they won last night because they had to win eventually. They seem to have games like that, in the midst of stretches where they're playing miserable baseball, where they come up with an "Accidental Victory," a game where they sort of forcibly string a bunch of hits together, or the opposing team or the opposing pitcher is just so bad that the Mets can't help but rally.

Such is the case of last night's game. David Wright, after taking perhaps the most talked about day off in Mets History, came back and, not surprisingly, popped a pair of HRs, Jose Reyes followed up with one of his own, and the Mets were on their way, having sufficiently beaten up Jon Cunnilingus or whoever the hell was pitching for Seattle (note: I'm in the midst of my summer show, so these games pretty much happen on a rumor level for me) for 8 runs on a grand total of 5 hits, which I know the Mets somehow managed to accomplish earlier this season. I often think that when something like that happens, it's usually a case of the opposing team having a particularly shitty game, or the Mets just happening to come up with a clutch hit.

One out of 3 from the worst team in the league. Two out of three from the best team in the league.

This team makes me want to scream.

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