Sunday, June 8, 2008

Apologies in Order... Scott Schoeneweis, whom I wrongfully and unjustly blamed for Thursday night's loss in San Diego. I apologize, Scott. I've run you over the coals enough. You've pitched well this season, and one particular inning where you lost your control shouldn't have mattered. Not when the offense behind you that should have eaten this horrible Padres team alive over the past 3 games gave you nothing to work with.

It's amazing to me that these clowns have managed to piss away THREE STRAIGHT 2-1 GAMES! I've never seen anything like this! This is unfathomable. It's indicative of an impotent offense of the highest order. Maybe Maine has been inconsistent, maybe Perez has been erratic, it doesn't matter. These guys could all throw consecutive shutouts and there's no real guarantee that the Mets would win at all. Not when there's no sense of urgency, no idea of situational hitting, and no big hits in the clutch to speak of. In fact, until the Mets put up 4 consecutive days in which they score more than 4 runs, I'm not bashing the pitching anymore (except if your name is Aaron Heilman).

This team doesn't have any pitching problems right now (except if your name is Aaron Heilman). Maybe there's an inconsistent starter. So what. This is almost the same circumstances under which the ridiculous Scott Kazmir deal was made. We're losing every game 2-1, so let's deal prospects for more mediocre starting pitching so we can lose games 2-1 in 14 innings and prolong the misery even more?

I've heard arguments to fire Peterson as the beginning of what should now be an inevitable cleaning of the house. I disagree. Peterson may be stripping the staff of any sort of depth with his pitch count nonsense, but what's the point? Ho-Jo needs to be the first to go. He's the hitting coach, the team can't hit, enough said. He gets too much credit for the team's success as it is, so let's make him the fall guy when the Mets manage to score 3 runs over 3 games against such sterling pitchers as Josh Banks, Randy Wolf and Cha Seung Baek. With the Mets now 6 1/2 games out, and Philly streaking, the Mets hopes are about as promising as the 2007-08 New York Knicks.

What the Fuck!?

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