Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two-Faced Team

I know it's only April 2nd, and I shouldn't be going crazy, but...

After showing us how great they can look on Monday, the Mets went right out on Tuesday and showed us just how bad they can look. And it concerns me because the inconsistency is starting already.

Never mind Pedro's hamstring injury, which we all knew was coming. I wonder just how many of us watch these Pedro starts with baited breath, waiting for something bad to happen, and breathing a sigh of relief when it doesn't. Pedro wasn't exactly his sharpest over the first few innings, but the Mets appeared poised to bail him out against Hørken VandenHurk before he came up lame on that last curve to Matt Treanor (and I don't want to upset the Matt Treanor supporters of the world by referring to him as Matt Freakin' Treanor anymore, so I'll just call him Matt Treanor from here on out). But, of course, he goes down with the hammie, throwing the rotation and our fragile psyches into all sorts of disarray. Who makes the starts now? Who starts the home opener? Jorge Sosa? Nelson Figueroa? Tony Armas? Jeremi Gonzalez? Jose Lima?

Well, we shall see. Meanwhile, on the other side, there were some encouraging signs from the Mets offense early in the game, but then they basically went into Derek Bell mode against the Marlins Bullpen (better than you think). Encouraging that Ryan Church and Brian Schneider both stung the ball pretty good against lefty Renyel Pinto. Encouraging that Angel Pagan continues to come up with RBIs, even when he's making outs.

Not encouraging that the same lineup managed one hit after the 5th inning, despite being handed 6 walks and numerous opportunities to break the tie.

Not encouraging, but not altogether unexpected.

Maybe I shouldn't be going so crazy. The Mets weren't going 162-0, and they're not going to put up 6-run innings every game. Worry more about Pedro and when, exactly, he will pitch again.

It is, after all, only April 2nd.

Ollie tonight.

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