Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'll Do It Myself!

I guess Johan Santana decided to take the offensive struggles of the Mets into his own hands last night.

In addition to his normal sterling pitching performance, Santana also helped himself at the plate, hitting a pair of doubles, bringing his season total to 3.

That also being the sum total of hits he has this season.

It was just about imperative that he try to help himself out, given that his team didn't generate much offense of their own. The 7 run outburst is certainly nice, and I'll take it, but the Mets managed to plate their runs in the following fashion:

1) RBI groundout by Delgado
2) Slow roller to short that Castillo miraculously beat out
3) 70 foot roller to 3rd that Zimmerman threw away
4) Roller in the Bermuda Triangle between P-1B and 2B that Pagan beat out
5) RBI groundout by Schneider

Ryan Church's 2-run single in the 9th was the only solid hit the Mets managed with runners on base. And had Willie not finally come to his senses and flipped Church and Delgado in the lineup, even that might not have happened.

It's true that playing the Nationals seems to bring the Mets out of whatever funk they've fallen into so far this season. But after tonight, the Mets don't play Washington again until May 12th, and after that, a 4-game series at Shea, these teams don't cross again until August 12th. It's good that the Mets have been able to smash the flea with a sledgehammer, but that can only count for so much. As always, I'll take the victory. But don't think that I'm satisfied with the way it played out. The same culprits are making the same stupid mistakes, and most of the Met runs scored by virtue of luck and the fact that the Nationals are the Nationals.

Ollie tonight, in Nationals Park, which I really like. The grey brick behind the plate and the sharp outfield corner in CF are a nice touch.

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