Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quick Strike Offense

We've seen this a few times this season, and it happened again last night.

If the Mets are going to beat you, it'll happen pretty quickly.

After a frighteningly shaky start from John Maine, who nearly unraveled completely in the 1st before Lastings Milledge helped him out by swinging at a sucker pitch, the Mets trailed 2-1 in the 5th, before storming back with 4 runs in the span of about 2 minutes. First, Reyes, then Beltran popped their first HRs of the season in a lightning strike that left the Nationals stunned and basically tilted the game decidedly in the Mets favor.

This is, apparently, the kind of offense the Mets have, although I don't know yet if this means that this is the kind of offense they have when they're going well or not. It's too early to know that for sure.

But given how putrid the offense has looked at times, I'll take whatever they give me for the moment. I'll also take the two wins in a row.

Tonight, Figueroa and a chance for the sweep before heading into Steroid Field 2 for the weekend.

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