Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Throw It Away

I guess you could take everything I wrote in this post back in June and replace Scott Schoeneweis' name with Guillermo Mota.

I don't know who to blame first for the Mets latest atrocity in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. By now, Guillermo Mota is simply beyond blame. He's proven himself barely capable of getting through one inning, and that one inning is enough to put all of us in the Loony bin. One inning, one solid inning out of Mota is enough, thank you, and let's take it, put it in our back pockets and hand the ball to someone else in the last of the 10th, please.


What exactly was Willie thinking trying to squeeze that second inning out of him? That was so monumentally stupid in so many different ways. I mean, come on. Here you are, playing in this Bandbox Ballpark on Steroids, in a tie game, a game that you sorely need to win, and up steps this Monster of a man, the defending NL MVP who could hit a moon rocket with the mere flick of a wrist, a lefty hitter against your righty pitcher.

I would have rather had Scott Schoeneweis on the mound in that spot! That's how awful the decision to leave Mota in there was.

And, of course, Mota hung one, and Howard smoked it. Game over. 3 losses in a row, and in the blink of an eye, the lead is down to 4.

Way to go Willie. Rot Guillermo. I want to slip some steroids into your coffee so that you can get suspended again and be gone from this team. Piazza should have mashed you into meatballs when he had the chance and spared us from this nightmare.

I got a letter from the Mets today regarding the pre-sale of Playoff tickets for Seven-Pack holders. I wonder if I should hang on to it, or if I should just use it as toilet paper.


El Guapo said...

Ahhhhh, nothing like bloggin' angry (and, just a wild guess, drunk?).

Just kidding. I feel you, I really do. This is really one shaky-ass looking bullpen, and watching Delgado all season has been heartbreaking. I would go a little easier on Willie, though, because I just don't see his options, what with Wagner's "dead arm" and everyone else's mediocrity. They don't test for HGH, right? Can't we get Mota on some of that?

Mets2Moon said...

Believe me, it's a good thing I wasn't drunk when I wrote that. It might not have been coherent and more than likely would have gotten me arrested.