Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Double Play Brigade

After another sterling effort by the Mets last night in which they not only managed to squander a slim lead in the 8th inning, thereby costing Tom Glavine his 300th victory, the Mets also managed to strand about 26 runners on base over the course of a mostly miserable 13 inning loss in Milwaukee.

Luis Castillo didn't light anything up in his Mets debut, and the area that the Mets probably needed to address most, the Bullpen, went untouched, and, oddly enough, the Bullpen frittered away the lead in the 8th, thanks to Feliciano plunking Lil' Cecil and Mota allowing a screamer to Hall that took a fortuitous bounce over the wall for a Ground Rule Double, thereby only tying the game instead of giving the Brewers the lead, and prolonging our misery for 5 more innings until Brett Favre's HR in the 13th won it.

How bad was it? Here's a selection from what a colleague of mine had to say this morning:

"Let me ask you a question. The Mets have the bases loaded and one out. Who would you rather have up? Luis Castillo or Moises Alou?"

I answer with Victor Diaz.

"Well, I'd rather have Castillo. At least Castillo will hit the ball and not hit into a double play. Alou hit into a double play. Worse than Zeile! He's a double play machine!"

He follows that up with this:

"How many games will the Mets lose on this road trip? 4 of 6? 6 of 6? Who would they beat? Mark my words, once the Mets fall into second place, and they will fall into second place, that's the last time they're going to sniff first place this year. You can put that in your Blog."

With the efforts the Mets have put forth over the last week, I have a hard time arguing with him. It kind of makes me glad I haven't been able to see any of these games.

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