Wednesday, August 22, 2007


... Who does Keith Hernandez have to blow to get on the all-time Gold Glove team?

C Johnny Bench
1B Wes Parker
2B Joe Morgan
SS Ozzie Smith
3B Brooks Robinson
OF Willie Mays
OF Roberto Clemente
OF Ken Griffey Jr.
P Greg Maddux

I confess, I've never heard of Wes Parker ("You've never heard of Wes Parker? Well, Wes Parker played blahblahblah for the blahblahblah and batted blahblahblahblahblahblah..."). He seems like a nice fellow, and it's fun to see an underdog end up on one of these lists alongside Mays, Morgan, Brooks Robinson, and the other Hall 0f Famers, but I would have thought Keith would be a shoe-in. Maybe I'm biased. In fact, I'm certain I'm biased. Oh well, Keith, at least you won another big honor this year.

Wes Parker surprise addition to all-time Rawlings Gold Glove team [ESPN]

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the mayor said...

i think this really speaks for itself

i'm keith hernandez

the mayor was elected class president!