Saturday, June 2, 2007

Up Close and Personal with the Mets

About a month ago, I talked about how I had acquired Field Boxes, and how it was likely that the next time I would sit in seats so good would likely be in Citi Field. But that would not be true, as I, through an associate, had the privilege of once again sitting in the Field level on Friday night, but this time markedly closer. Closer meaning 3 rows behind the Mets dugout. The game against the Diamondbacks was a complete clunker, but the seats were ridiculous. Here's an inside look at the game from my vantage point.

How close were we? Here's home plate.

And here's SNY's Chris Cotter, back on the field tonight after being moved to Studio Anchor duty in favor of Kevin Burkhardt.

Wright and Heilman came out to pose for some pictures with some Little Leaguers. Wright was out of this game with back spasms, and the B-team lineup the Mets threw out on this night was little match for Arizona's Brandon Webb.

LoDuca high-fives all the cops and security guards around the dugout before he runs out to warm up.

The annoying thing about sitting here is the hordes of kids who run up to the front row at any given moment throughout the game, trying to get someone's attention for a ball or an autograph. It's commonplace, but it has to really bother the hell out of the people who paid for these seats.

Julio! Julio stole a base in this game, one of the few Mets highlights.

Willie and the coaches are out for the National Anthem... are Gomez, Green and Newhan...

...and Ollie.

And the Mets take the field!

As Maine warms up. I can't identify the music that Maine uses when he's pitching. I know that Glavine uses Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine, and Oliver Perez comes out to Bizarre's I'm Gonna Get You (which I'm sure he didn't pick himself). Maine comes out to some generic-sounding hard rock song that I believe could be a rock cover of Kamikaze. Anyone know the song?

And, the first pitch.

Reyes, shows his form in laying down the bunt in the last of the 1st. It rolled foul.

Hi, Jose!

Good shot of Maine's form on the mound.

And Franco at the plate in the 2nd.

This is what I like about Maine. Maine has been pitching with a chip on his shoulder all year, and I think that's why he's done so well. Every inning, he comes off the mound with a scowl. He's just retired the side in order, but he's pissed. And he should be. He pitched well enough to win, but one mistake—Snyder's HR in the 5th—spelled his doom.

More Maine.

We're on Oliver Perez's side of the dugout, it seems.

7th inning stretch, and here's Mr. Met! The kids are going nuts. It's Greek night, and we're being treated to "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" played on the Bozouki.

I'm in the 3rd row, but I still can't catch a ball, and I still don't get a shirt.

More Mr. Met.

Mota, just before he annihilated the game in the 8th.

But the coolest moment of the game by far came when Oliver Perez turned around and looked around the stands. I caught his eye and pointed at him. He smiled and flashed me the peace sign. I flashed the peace sign back. That's my new Best Friend, Oliver Perez.


MetsGrrl said...

John Maine uses a Metallica song. I believe it's "Seek and Destroy". He's a big Metallica fan.

Mets2Moon said...

Thank you. That's it exactly. But it still sounds like they're trying to cover "Kamikaze."