Friday, June 29, 2007

Four Month Media Blackout

I hate to jump in and push myself down here, but I love how the New York Media loves to instigate things. The article about LoDuca in today's Daily News smacks of pure Out-of contextness and his reaction on today's Pre-Game show on WFAN just proves that. Everyone in the New York Media, especially the Daily News, and that hideous Anti-Met Rag, the New York Post seem to have this heightened sense of entitlement, as if they somehow honestly believe that the Athletes would cease to exist without them. They've torn apart A-Rod, whether he's deserved it or not, and since the Mets are a relatively controversy-free bunch, they need to have someone to attack on the Mets, and LoDuca is the easiest target.

I'm reminded of a scene from the recent Broadway play, "Take Me Out," which is about a Gay Baseball player. In the scene, a character, a sure John Rocker caricature, is asked a controversial question and gives an answer which is intolerant. And then, when he is asked why he did it, the character replies, "Hey, you knew that that was the answer I was going to give you, why did you ask me the question?"

And that seems to be why the media likes to pick on LoDuca. They know all the rumors, and the stories about the young girls, and the Playboy ex-wife, and the Racehorses, and the fiery temper and the loquaciousness, and they just lick their chops. Sometimes people are in a bad mood. Yesterday happened to be one of those days for LoDuca. And when the Media picked on him, he fired back. Maybe his words weren't well-set, but if you take it out of context, you totally miss the point he was making, and that's the kind of thing the Media seems to love to leap on. Let's create a controversy where none exists. You know what to expect out of LoDuca.

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