Monday, May 1, 2017

Total System Failure

It's just as well that the Mets dropped into full-on asshole mode yesterday as the Nationals blew their doors off by the score of 23-5. They'd already made asses of themselves by the 2nd inning when Noah Syndergaard left the game grimacing and grasping his armpit. You know, after he brazenly pronounced himself as "fine" and refused an MRI to see what exactly was bothering him after he was scratched twice last week.

I could go further into just how mind-numbing the stupidity is that permeates through this organization sometimes but really, why waste my time? The #LOLMets-ers and the "BACKMAN, BABY!" jackasses, the closeted Yankee castrati folks do a good enough job for me. I've gone over plenty of times just how tiresome these people have become, and how the Mets have been enough of a laughingstock over the years that maybe it's just time to leave it alone, but then something like this happens and I remember that in so many of these instances the Mets seem to invite this treatment on themselves. Their best pitcher wants to pitch, who can blame him? But he needs to remember that he's neither a doctor, nor is he invincible and maybe he ought to listen to the team trainers if they think he should have an MRI. Even if it means listening to Cortisone Shot Ramirez. Because rather than just nipping this in the bud, Syndergaard decided to be a hero, went out and immediately got lit up for 5 runs in the 1st inning after basically allowing 5 runs all season to that point, or something like that. So that right there ought to have told you something was up. Syndergaard just doesn't get torched like that out of the gate. I didn't even watch and I probably could have told you that he was screwing around with his mechanics to overcompensate for his ailing giblets. And then in the 2nd inning it all came crashing down as he threw one pitch too many and started grimacing and grabbing his armpit, and of course that sent every Mets fan off the ledge. Fortunately (SILVER LINING ALERT) this wasn't the absolute worst case scenario since the Big Boy Surgery is everyone's ultimate fear for him, but when you go out there and mess up your mechanics to mask an injury, this is what happens. You get hurt and now the Mets have to deal with the consequences since he's probably going to be out for a couple of months. To say nothing of the fact that he's getting destroyed in the court of public opinion in a manner to rival Matt Harvey.

After that the wheels basically came off, and again I think the Mets needed to have this happen because sometimes you just need to get completely and totally humiliated in order to wake up and acknowledge your problems. The Nationals have broken from the gate like a house afire and this just another feather in their cap, but teams with championship aspirations aren't supposed to get their asses handed to them like this and in reality, that it happened is just scenery. What's most crucial is how they respond to this. If getting lit on fire and losing your best pitcher and your best hitter in the span of 4 days sends the team into a tailspin, well, then they deserve to be laughed at. We all to. This is supposed to be a Championship-caliber team and if they crumble after 4 weeks of the season then I guess we all fell for the bill of goods again and this is just another season where we end up with our dicks in our hands. I'm kind of sick of it. Learn from this and work forward. It's happened before with this group, believe it or not.

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