Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I Don't Like This Place That Much...

OK, OK. On the second night Atlanta turned back into Atlanta and nothing went right for the Mets.

After being spotted a 2-0 lead thanks to a Jay Bruce Home Run, Matt Harvey handed the lead back to the Braves almost immediately, and then just kind of slogged through the remainder of his outing as the Braves ostensibly waterboarded him to death with a series of singles and doubles, inching ahead and eventually out of reach and only a Pig-Lipstick Grand Slam from Bruce in the 9th made the final score a more respectable-looking 9-7 as opposed to the 9-3 mess this game really should be remembered as.

This was one of those games that I kind of kept tuning in and out of. I was late tuning in altogether, in spite of the fact that most Atlanta games start at 7:35 instead of the more customary 7:10, so if nothing else it was only the 2nd inning when I put the game on, but irregardless it was pushing 8:30, which wasn't a good sign. At that point it was already 2-2 and Atlanta went ahead 3-2 when Ender Inciarte injected himself into the proceedings and made a pain in the ass of himself, which is generally what he does against the Mets. Asdrubal Cabrera re-tied the game in the 3rd with a Home Run that was really tagged, but then in the 4th Harvey kind of melted down and the Braves just kept getting hits and scoring runs and by time the dust cleared it was well after 9pm, the Mets were behind 6-3 and everything was terrible. I couldn't even enjoy getting to see our dear old friend R.A. Dickey float that Knuckleball around like he used to.

Then, I turned the game off altogether, or, more appropriately, I was eating dinner with my other half and she asked that we watch something else. So I missed Josh Smoker/Fernando Salas turn the game into a tire fire in the 7th, but I guess that's just as well. But I was back in time to see Bruce hit a truly irrelevant Grand Slam in the 9th to serve no other purpose than pad his stats, force a pitching change and prolong the game for another 5 minutes.

I mean, yes, I know. The Mets weren't going to go Forever-and-0 at SunTrust Yards and that first loss was probably going to come at some point this week because the Mets just aren't doing that well. And I'm sure there will be days that this place will just rankle me to no end. But it's too early to tell whether it's as rancid as its predecessor, or some other similarly troublesome ballparks where nothing good ever happens to the Mets (see: Petco Park). Time will, I suppose, tell.

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