Tuesday, May 30, 2017

One for Two

Much like every game from the past weekend, I didn't see much of Monday afternoon's Memorial Day affair against the Milwaukee Brewers. Under other circumstances, perhaps I might have been at the game. I did have tickets at one point, as a part of my ticket package, but knowing that it was highly unlikely I'd actually be at the game, I took advantage of the perks afforded me by the Mets and swapped out the tickets.

The Mets won the game I swapped to, so I already had that in the bank, but they won yesterday as well, 4-2 over the Brewers, behind Robert Gsellman. As such, they accomplished something they could not do while they were in Milwaukee—beat the Brewers. Again, not that I saw much, but Gsellman basically won the game by himself. In addition to pitching 7 innings—a luxury given how porous the starting pitching has been of late—and also drove in a pair of runs without the virtue of picking up a hit. This, of course, provided him with his margin of victory. After falling behind 1-0 in the top of the 5th, Gsellman found himself at bat with runners on 2nd and 3rd and no outs after an RBI double by Rene Rivera tied the score. Rather than attempt a squeeze play or give himself up, Gsellman poked a fly ball to right for a sacrifice fly that scored Wilmer Flores.

One inning later, Gsellman found himself ahead 3-2 and at bat with the Bases loaded and 2 outs against Rob Scahill...and he worked out a walk to force home a run and make the score 4-2.

Having done whatever he possibly could and then some to get himself a win, Gsellman turned the ball over to Paul Sewald for the 8th and Addison Reed, who survived a hairy 9th and the Mets finished out a victory to start off this series and actually put the Mets on a 2-game win streak, something they've been hard pressed to accomplish over the past month.

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