Monday, September 12, 2016

Good Riddance


The Mets officially never have to set foot in Turner Field ever again. That seems to be the more operative story of the day. The gravy on top of this momentous occasion is, of course, that they left the building victorious, as they stomped over Williams Perez and a bevy of other Pitchers en route to a 10-3 victory. Yoenis Cespedes broke the game open with a 3rd inning Grand Slam, James Loney hit a Home Run, Seth Lugo pitched 7 strong innings to win his 4th straight start, and for one rare occasion, the Mets had everything go their way in a key game at Turner Field.

The Mets rarely seemed to have true laughers at Turner Field in the 20 years they played there. You could probably count them on one hand. Maybe two if you're feeling charitable. Considering that for a majority of those years the Braves were perennially a scourge to the Mets, I suppose it made sense that a blowout win didn't come to pass very often. Even over the past few seasons, with the Braves burning down their own house literally and figuratively, the Mets have had a hard time there (and whatever should come to pass over the seasons final 19 games, if things conclude on a sour note, you would have to think the Mets will have to rue their inability to put away the Braves more often earlier in the season).

Sunday, they did not, as Perez, who was recently returning from a lengthy DL stint, was hit early and often and pretty hard. The Mets scored in the 1st inning when Asdrubal Cabrera tripled through that blindingly bright Atlanta sun, and then scored on a Cespedes ground out. I already told you that Cespedes later hit a Grand Slam, but I'll just remind you again because I can. James Loney hit a solo Home Run in the 4th off of Joel De La Cruz, and in the 5th, the Mets had the Gas House Gorillas conga line going as they piled on more runs against hapless Jed Bradley. Kelly Johnson drove in a run, Loney drove one in, and even Seth Lugo joined the fun with a Sacrifice Fly. By this point it was 10-1, and I guess the Mets called off the dogs, as the Mets then emptied their bench, and even Gavin Cecchini got to see some action for the first time.

I know when a stadium closes you want to try to say something deep and meaningful about it, but think about how many dumb, shitty things happened to the Mets in that stupid ballpark over the last 20 years. Why would any Mets fan have anything nice to say about that place? I've heard from some friends that it's a perfectly nice place to watch a game, but who gives a shit? Some of the worst moments in Mets history have happened there and more often than not, they were basically a foil for the Braves, and they would just come in there and have their lunch fed to them by a series of unmentionables. Sure, they won some games there, but when Mets fans had to treat those wins like James W. Marshall at Coloma, 1848, that should tell you something. There are stadiums where the Mets generally have not done well. I don't think any place was quite as demoralizing as Turner Field. So, with that being said, Good Riddance, Turner Field. I'm glad to never have to see you again.

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