Monday, April 25, 2016

Stop the Presses.

Yes, if you can believe it, the Mets actually swept a series in Atlanta, finishing off their weekend with a 3-2 victory on one of those painfully sunny Atlanta afternoons when the Mets almost never win because I guess that Atlanta sun bakes everyone to the point that the equilibrium just tilts in Atlanta's favor. It almost happened again on Sunday, as Jeurys Familia had to survive a bit of a hair-raising 9th inning, but in the end the Mets ended up victorious.

This was a completely lost weekend for me Baseball-wise. I watched none of the games, and in fact I didn't even watch part of any of the games. Like Saturday evening, I was stuck in front of a computer again for the proceedings and even then, I didn't get going with that until the 8th inning. By that point, Jacob deGrom had finished out his work for the day, a regroup outing for him after missing two weeks for personal matters, but if nothing else it seems like his fastball was in a bit better shape. The Braves dinged him for 8 hits, but just like against Matz on Saturday, it seemed to be of little consequence as he only allowed 1 run in 5.2 innings. He also only struck out 3 batters, a low number for him, but if deGrom can still throw a quality outing out there with less than his best stuff, that's OK with me. There will be better days and hopefully those will happen against better opponents.

So the Mets now return home after a 7-2 road trip, and considering the teams they were playing, 7-2 was about the minimum I would have expected. Really, they could have easily swept all three series they played, but for a momentary lapse in Cleveland and a night when nothing worked in Philadelphia. Now, let's see if this can carry back home, where they'll see a couple of lesser teams in Cincinnati and Atlanta sandwiched around the Giants over the weekend, which ought to be an interesting matchup.

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