Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Even Smaller Screen

Like Friday, I wasn't in front of a TV for Saturday night's game either. Unlike Friday, I was in front of a computer screen for at least part of the evening, so I was able to follow, in some vague sense of the word, what was going on.

This is, of course, inexact, because if I'm relegated to following a game on the computer, I'm probably someplace doing something that would require me to not be staring at a computer for 3 hours straight, or at least not tracking a game for 3 hours straight. This leaves some gaps in my knowledge of what happened.

I know the important things, though. Steven Matz pitched well against the Braves mostly overmatched lineup. The Braves did hit Matz a little bit, but it was mostly strings of singles, and although he allowed 9 hits in his 6.1 innings, he only allowed 2 runs and struck out 8 to sort of lessen the sting of this sort of buzzardly outing.

The Mets had already staked Matz to a lead when he departed, thanks to run-scoring hits by David Wright and Asdrubal Cabrera, and they led 5-2 going to the 9th, which I figured was sort of academic. And at that point I needed to go do some things away from my desk, so I did, and then I came back about 10 or so minutes later. A colleague, who, unbeknownst to me also roots for the Mets, was looking at my screen. "Looks like our boys are doing well," he said to me.

I looked at the screen and saw an 8-2 final score.

"Jeez," I said to him. "When I got up, it was 5-2. What happened?"

Well, it seems I missed Neil Walker hit a Home Run, and Cabrera hit a Home Run, and then Juan Lagares hit an RBI triple off of Ryan Weber (no relation--no family member of mine would play for the Barves) to put the game essentially out of reach and give the Mets their second win in as many tries in Atlanta, if you can believe it.

The Mets can now go for the sweep tomorrow with deGrom returning to the mound, which would be a nice way to finish off this road trip. It's featured a lot of offense and mostly unextraordinary games,  which at this point of the season and against this kind of opponent is just fine with me and most everyone else. Save the excitement for the more-hyped competition.

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