Friday, September 2, 2016


I talked on Sunday about how the Mets seem to have a thing, historically, when it comes to sweeping a team. It doesn't matter how dead their opponent is—and the Mickey Mouse Marlins seemed about as dead as you can get on Thursday night—they can't seem to finish the deal. And so, although they were in prime position to give the Marlins the thorough stomping they so richly deserve, simply based on the fact that they continue to exist, the Marlins instead came back, won 6-4, and left town like the greasy, sniveling little weasels they are, snickering as though they'd done something Marlinlike like shoved a banana in the tailpipe of one of Cespedes' cars.

More disconcerting for the Mets was the performance of Jacob deGrom, who once again struggled, in spite of 3 days' extra rest. deGrom looked mostly tired and out of sorts, and kind of fizzled out in the 5th inning, by which point he'd thrown too many pitches, allowed too many hits, put the Mets in a hole and then threw everyone off a ledge by walking off the mound and waving to speak to Ray Ramirez as he went to the clubhouse.

The prevailing thought everyone had at that point was that he was probably headed for another Big Boy Surgery, because I'm not sure why anyone in his right mind would willingly want to talk to Cortisone Shot Ramirez about anything medically related. The fact that deGrom, who spoke to the media through clenched teeth after the game, said he was fine really has no bearing on anything.

So, yeah. This was a double turd night for the Mets. deGrom is prognosis unknown at this point, the Mets lost a key game to the Fucking Marlins because Hamburgers Yelich hit puberty and the Mets didn't do much against Jose Urena (who's probably another Leo Nunez candidate), and Celebrity Manager sat in the dugout preening over his good fortune. Fortunately, this is it for the Marlins at Citi Field for 2016, so we no longer need to be subjected to their bullshit. However, the Mets have to have the last laugh here; on Monday, the Marlins were 1 game up on the Mets, now they're a game back and as Pittsburgh's crow flies, the 4-teams-for-one-spot race is beginning to gather more steam. But if nothing else, the Mets, in spite of everything that's gone wrong, are still relevant in this picture.

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