Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Other Side Of Paradise

It's usually around this time of year that I gear up for Football season and the return to action of the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers, however, have had what's basically been the offseason from hell. It started about 15 minutes after their season finale in 2014, after a year in which they'd already regressed and coach Jim Harbaugh was basically pushed out the door by their non-entity legacy owner Jed York.

Since that time, well, the roster has been gutted. Gone are names that had been such huge parts of the team's success over the past few seasons, like Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Patrick Willis, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati and others. In their place, well, I'm not quite sure. There's a new coach, Jim Tomsula, an organization guy who's been around for years and whom the players love. Colin Kaepernick is still Quarterback. Navorro Bowman returns from his knee injury. Other than that, well, I'm not quite sure what to expect, and given that the teams around them in their own division have probably improved, I have a bad feeling that the 49ers are probably not going to have a very good season.

There's one reason to get excited and that's the presence of Australian Rugby import Jarryd Hayne, who emerged out of nowhere as a Running Back, Punt Returner and all-around ass-kicker type who defied odds and made the roster, albeit in a reserve role. But maybe he'll surprise some people. I don't know. The Hayne Plane makes for an interesting story. Unfortunately, the 49ers don't have many of those. Though they probably won't be completely 2-14 level horrible, I also don't think they'll be especially good and as far as their chances of playing in The Big Game in their home stadium, well, I think the window for that closed before last season had finished. This means they're probably stuck in that 7-9/8-8 gray area which means they're not good, they're not bad, they're just blah.

There's really no juice for me this season for Football in general. A lot of it stems from everything that's happened to the 49ers over the past several months. Some of it has to do with the culture that's been perpetuated by Roger Goodell, who seems to have let the power of the Commissionership corrupt him to the point where he's turned fans, players and even some owners against him. Another reason might be this idiot, yo-bro attitude that this new generation of Football fans seems to have perpetuated. I don't know.

But maybe the biggest reason I don't really feel into the start of Football season is the fact that for the first time in years, the Mets are actually playing relevant Baseball in September and their season may well extend into October. I usually have made it a point to devote a blog to that week's 49ers game throughout Football season, but it was easy to do that when it was that against a meaningless string-killing baseball game. Now, the Baseball games have meaning. And, in reality, this is a Mets blog first and foremost. The Mets come first.

Sorry, 49ers. For now, you'll have to take a back seat. I'll watch when I can.

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