Thursday, September 17, 2015

Equal Opportunity Annoyance

It's no secret that the Marlins raison d'etre has always been to be a pain in the ass. They've been doing it for years indiscriminately. Didn't matter whether the Mets were good or not, they were always being dogged by the Marlins. And now, the Mets are good, and guess what?! More Marlins. The Mets have lost 5 games so far in September. 4 of the 5 have been against the Marlins. The Mets won Monday, fortunately, because I was at the game and lord knows the sort of venom I'd be spewing if I'd gone to another Mets/Marlins game in September where the Marlins did something stupid and won. But the Marlins came back and beat the Mets badly on Tuesday, and then just as badly on Wednesday.

Whereas Tuesday's loss was an outright bombing, last night was sort of a slow, sinking death for the Mets. Bartolo Colon started and pitched reasonably well, only giving up a pair of solo Home Runs to Martin Prado and J.T. Realmuto, because, well, J.T. Realmuto is basically a more irksome version of Wilson Ramos, and Prado kills the Mets no matter what team he's on. In the 6th, Dee Gordon, who continues to bat .973 against the Mets this season, doubled, moved to 3rd on a Marlins' Special by Prado and then scored when Justin Bour, just back from the Kid Rock concert, hit a Sacrifice fly. Colon was done after that and the game didn't improve. Adam Corbett or Adam Conley or whoever he was shut the Mets down, which bothered me for two reasons: 1) Because he was a Marlin, and 2) because I don't like it when the Mets get beat by a pitcher who looks like he should be on his way to 3rd period Algebra.

Well, whatever. The Mets still hold a sizable lead over Washington, and more importantly, the Mets don't have to play any more games against the Marlins this season. That's probably the best news of the night, all things considered. The Marlins, in fact, now go to Washington for 4 games. I'd like to think that the Marlins will continue to be their usual annoying selves and screw things up for the Nationals just like they've screwed things up for the Mets. Unfortunately, the Mets will go from playing one annoying team to playing another annoying team this weekend as well, but their next opponent is a whole other kind of annoying than the Marlins are.

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