Sunday, June 28, 2015

Suspended Animation

There's still something that's truly bizarre about the suspended game concept. Some time on Saturday, I'd decided, because my other half was out of town and because I was kind of bored and needed something productive to do, that I would get myself a ticket for Sunday's game so I could see Steven Matz's debut. I've done things like this before with mixed results, but whatever.

Little did I know that I'd be signing up for more than one game's worth of action, because Saturday's game, which probably shouldn't have been started at all, ended up in that netherworld of this-game's-tied-but-it's-raining-really-hard-and-we-can't-finish-it-tonight. Again, this happened because the Mets can't hit and Matt Harvey will sometimes allow a run.

To their credit, the Mets did manage to get 6 hits on Saturday against a combination of Jared Michael Lorenzen and Manny Parra, but their only run came courtesy of Curtis Granderson, who hit another Home Run into the left field seats of all places.

Harvey, in spite of the comical conditions, pitched well. His only problem was that the Reds tied the game in the 5th inning and the Mets couldn't scratch out another run for him. The rain delay didn't matter much to him; he'd already been hit for so he wasn't going to come out for the 7th.

But, there was still a completion to this game that needed to play out, and with the rain, which was only getting worse as the evening dragged on, the game was called and now will get picked up at the front end of Sunday's game, so I'll have to tell you how it turned out after I see it.

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