Saturday, June 27, 2015

Just Barely Enough

The Mets, on Friday night, backed Noah Syndergaard up with a Mighty two-hit performance.

Somehow, this was enough to get them a win.

In the sort of effort that both tantalizes and simultaneously nauseates the entire fan base, the Mets, or, more specifically Noah Syndergaard, turned the offensive output of one Curtis Granderson Home Run, one Dilson Herrera triple, and three fortuitously consecutive walks into a victory over the similarly hapless Cincinnati Reds.

Syndergaard pretty much did the heavy lifting on his own. He had no real margin to work with; provided one run in the first, Syndergaard allowed the Reds to tie the score in the second inning because that's Baseball. For as good as he can look at times, he's still probably going to allow at least one run to whoever he's facing on any given day. After that, Syndergaard didn't allow much else. In a quietly efficient performance, Syndergaard got himself through 8 innings for the first time in his career, allowing the Reds just said run on 5 hits, no walks and 5 strikeouts in an 89-pitch effort. The question wasn't if he would pitch well, because he did, and he got better as the game moved along. The real question was whether or not the Mets stupid offense could scratch out another run or two and get him a win.

Thursday, the Mets clawed out two runs to get deGrom the victory. Friday, it seems they did the same thing. Sure, Granderson's leadoff Home Run off of Johnny Cueto was nice, but Home Runs don't accomplish a lot with nobody on base unless you plan to win a lot of 1-0 games. That usually doesn't happen, so it was probably in the Mets best interest to score another run. They managed to accomplish this partially by accident in the 5th inning. Dilson Herrera, who's been batting behind the pitcher lately, I suppose because he's not hitting much, but that logic doesn't hold because nobody's hitting much, banged a 2-out Triple off Cueto. Cueto then, as he's wont to do sometimes, then lost his marbles and walked the next three batters, Granderson, Eric Campbell and Lucas Duda, to bring home Herrera with the lead run.

Somehow, this was enough for the Mets. This piddling 2 run, 2 hit effort got them a win. The win is always good, but nobody who watches this team is fooled. 95 times out of 100, if you charge out there and make this kind of an effort, chances are things won't end well.

You know, unless your Pitcher can stop the other team cold. At least the Mets have that going for them. 

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