Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuning In To Tune Out

Much like Monday, I spent a reasonable amount of time on Tuesday morning debating with myself over whether or not I should go to the game that night. Much like Monday, I ended up with the same conclusion: It's too hot, I'm too tired and I'd rather just go home.

I have a fairly standard routine when I'm watching games at home, usually it involves making dinner of some variety, and of varying intensity of labor involved in the preparation of said dinner. Tonight, I also had some laundry to do, so I was in and out of the apartment and up and down stairs from the Laundry Room (and it is only my own good fortune to live in a building that has laundry internally; in another era of my life, I would have had to go down the block to the laundromat).

But, as I'd mentioned, I was tired, and so when I arrived home, which was just about 7pm, I decided to sit down and collect myself before I set off on the evening's tasks. So I was paying attention to the game at the outset, and I saw Overratelton Simmons hit a Home Run on the 2nd pitch of the game from Carlos Torres, which was bewilderingly followed by Keith Hernandez burying his head up Simmons' ass. I swear, the ink this guy gets, you would think he was a Yankee Prospect, but I still think he's basically Rey Ordonez with a little more pop. I'll be vindicated. I think.

After shaking my head over Simmons, I figured it time to spring into action. I got my laundry together and ready to go. This is a tricky proposition, since there are only two washers and two dryers in the building, so it's always a crapshoot as to what's available, and I had a lot of laundry, so I'd planned on hogging everything for my 2 loads. Both washers were empty, but the two dryers were full, with different times remaining. But I'm in no mood to cock around, so I put my laundry up and set the timer on my phone so I wouldn't get stuck.

Meanwhile, I've also got a dinner to make, which involved concocting a paste of assorted ingredients (Olive Oil, Garlic, Oregano, Cumin, Chili Pepper, Black Pepper, Kosher Salt & Chicken Broth, if you're keeping score) and spreading it over some chicken, which I then planned to oven roast for about 35 minutes. So, here's my plan: Get everything prepped while the laundry is in the washer. Go downstairs and switch one load to the dryer, which should, by this time, be available. Get everything cooking. Go downstairs again and flip the second load of laundry. Hope I don't lock myself out of the apartment with food in the oven (and my other half not due home for another 45 minutes). The first load in the dryer should be finished just about when I sit down to eat, and the second load should be done by time I'm done eating. Ready? Go!

Oh, yeah, there's a game on, too. At some point, the Mets had tied the game, I know that, and apparently it was Carlos Torres helping his own cause by driving in the run. I didn't see the hit, but I heard Gary Cohen say something about the 8th RBI by Mets Pitchers this season (or something to that effect), and I of course figured the other 7 were by Matt Harvey. And so, I go back and forth and up and down and everything is going along just as I'd planned it. But, of course, the sacrifice here is that I'm now not really paying any attention whatsoever to the game. My laundry finishes, my dinner is great, and only as I sit down to eat do I see Ike Davis coming through with the double that ultimately drove home the winning run against the similarly over-hyped Kris Medlen, who looks the part of the kind of guy you might run into at a College frat party. The Mets continued their little rally against Medlen long enough to score 2 more runs and knock him and his flat-brimmed cap out of the game.

I then went back to my other business, finishing dinner, getting the remainder of my laundry from the dryer, folding everything up and doing dishes (a testament to how well-domesticated I am); by this point my other half has come home and so we discuss a variety of things, and I look back at the TV to see Bobby Parnell on the mound. Wait a second. Bobby Parnell? I look at the score box. 9th Inning already!? 10pm!? Where the hell did this evening go?

So I saw the beginning of the game, and I saw the end of the game, and Parnell looked much better than he did last night (and looked to be pitching pissed off). But I can't say I saw much of the meat of the game, so I can't really offer too much of an informed opinion on the matter. Carlos Torres appeared to pitch well enough. He gave up a load of hits, but got out of jams, which has been the M.O. of Met pitchers lately, and outside of the Simmons HR, nary a run. So that was good. Ike Davis got a big hit, which we haven't seen in months. Also good. Parnell shook off last night, good as well. Dinner was good. Laundry was good. Good night all around.

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